Monday, March 29, 2010

spring + waldorf elementals (how to get rid of ants)

i remember hearing a story about one of our illustrious waldorf teachers, wrestling a dusty vacuum and exclaiming that these were not the type of elementals he wanted in his classroom!

i get it. suddenly there are so many paw prints, so much hair, sand, and dust. and i know i'm not the only one feeling spring! the ants have also begun visiting our kitchen... and i've taken the advice i've given so oft, and taken it up with the ants themselves.

here is a lovely offering i built for them, outdoors. made from dates gone bad and skewers, and adorned with fruit scraps and a bit of honey.

and a little something for the gnomes (i have it on good authority that a shallow dish of beer and cream are appreciated). and they have it in with the ants, i hear.

i escorted some of the kitchen ants directly to their new haven. but most of them found their way without my help!

this was really fun to do, and i think i just might have gotten through to them. now i just need to keep on sweeping!

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