Tuesday, March 2, 2010

one small change - march

our february change was a great success! we decided to forgo plastic bags for produce at the store, and i promised to "whip up" some cotton bags for our veggies. ahem hem. i didn't. but we soon discovered that wrapping our produce in lightweight 'floursack' cotton towels was highly effective and easy! in fact, most things stored better! our one downfall was organic spinach. we did purchase the variety in the plastic container a few times. soon we will be growing our own! um, and about the promise to clean out the fridge... did you know that a full fridge is more energy efficient than an empty (i.e. clean) one? so i rethought that one in the interest of the planet. yes, the planet. think of all the water i saved too!

the following change involves some toilet talk, so move along if you don't want to hear about my intentions. for march's one small change, we're adopting family cloths. colden already uses them. in fact, it is mainly me using the bulk of toilet paper here. aaaaand i did whip up some wipes! by that i mean, i tore and cut a thrifted knit sheet into square-ish pieces. after making wipes for colden way back when and struggling with the serger (which i still can't thread), i found that the knit didn't really even need serging after all. in addition to taking up the cloth (ha!), i aim (bwa ha ha!) to take after the dogs and relieve myself outside too. did i go too far? still with me? i promise more pretty crafts and adorable little boy posts to come. aren't our doggies cute? i just added an 'about' page on the top left that includes another sweet doggie pic. and some other good ones too.

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