Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i heart art - etsy workshop #1: selling on etsy

how about that i heart art workshop i promised to write about? our guide, ryan, of littleput books gave us the rundown with many helpful pointers. she shared insight on what makes a seller stand out, and gave advice on branding your business. seriously. go check out her shop critiques, they are an absolute wealth of info if you have an etsy shop. for instance, a short intro, or even a non-existent intro might display your work better than a lengthy one. users will see your work immediately! especially if your banner is beautiful, or displays your products well. on the other hand, shop titles are searchable by google. so you might want to include a few keywords there. good to know!

i must confess that i wish i had been better prepared for the workshop. ryan generously looked over everyone's shops. mine came up first, so i didn't even have time to think of something coherent to ask! in truth, my mind was reeling a bit after hearing that etsy's top sellers list 18 (eighteen!) or more items per day. i don't even have that many things in my shop! really, i needed to take a step back to absorb all the etsy wisdom already imparted, but she did give me some gold by complimenting this photo:

why? well, it's engaging. it looks like i might even be giving it to you. models help people visualize how it might look if they had it, or wore it, or hung it on their wall. we all love pictures that tell stories. this post by susan b. anderson really spoke to me on this concept!

now wouldn't by hand at home be truer if pictures included hands? of course! yes. going forward, i've got lots of great ideas to incorporate. i'm not talking about eighteen items a day though! this is strictly an at-home-mama operation. always growing as organically as possible, with my family by my side. but oh, i do love sharing my creations! some of my favorite shops are on the smaller side, like maribeth's! so! are you on etsy? thinking about etsy? thoughts on etsy? what do you think about sellers with smaller offerings? please share!

p.s. i realized my linkage may have been a bit indiscernible, hope the update to underlined links helps!

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