Tuesday, March 9, 2010

handsewn waldorf doll

i made this doll for colden when i was pregnant and working as a handwork assistant at cedarwood school. we did think colden was a girl, but i always figured i could cut the hair too. however, i did intend to make the hair brown, having no foresight of his gorgeous red curls. we just happened to be out of curly brown yarn and i went for the auburn i adored.

i was a bit intimidated to be making this doll, all by hand; i worked veeery slowly. but after i made it, i felt very empowered. the hand sewing has let me explore so many three-dimensional figures i could never before conceive of, and i love the freedom of being able to shape the piece as i sew.

my friend shanoah needed a baby doll, and her third birthday was right around colden's second. i took lots of pictures of the making of this little recycled sock doll, because i want to share the process. in using recycled socks, you can make a durable playmate for no material cost. though i encourage you to make with all natural wool and cotton as well. we all know how valuable our handwork truly is. you can still make playthings when resources are scarce, or to repurpose your used up clothing.

i think i will post a series of step-by-steps, because it's a long-ish explanation of the making. so gather up your single socks and holey socks and other bits of scrap if you are interested!

here are the links so far

waldorf-inspired sock doll tutorial

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