Thursday, March 4, 2010

belated w.i.p. wednesday

i've wanted to join in on work-in-progress wednesday posts, but i never make it! this time i am not letting that stop me. and i have to focus in a field, so here's some knitting i've got lying about. these booties are made from that alpaca from the knittn' kitten, doubled. i so love it! i want to go back and see if any is left!

filling up my ravelry project basket, seeing them all together; it just makes me feel accomplished and inspired! (aside from that era of using nothing but lion's brand homespun.)

these floor cushions are so close. they have been hanging out for forever because just as i have forsworn acrylic yarn, i have also vowed never to buy foam. anyone have any economical eco-friendly ideas? (i'm on the look out for a wool supplier for stuffing too, if you have any leads there!)

another almost finished; a cotton hat, by request, for my mother. i'm going to dye it in the indigo pot too! that's another exciting venture to share!

i am always tempted to post my home or myself as a work-in-progress! i've been enjoying filling up our new/used hutch with artsy crafty stuff (and yes, those are all my eggs in one basket there). the little gocco print is from last week's event. i'm so excited to be attending the upcoming etsy how-to workshops with i heart art and the portland etsy team. i'll be sure to share what i learn! in all of this, i am still pondering; "what's my mission?" diane wrote an absolutely beautiful post on this that you must read. and i'd love it if you shared your thoughts!

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