Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday inspiration

an estate sale morning out for mama. i have other treasures to share, including a hilarious set of 'family craft' books from the 70s. i've started a flickr account too and i'm slowly uploading my vintage stash and handmade works. there's also a craft fail project in my photostream that i contributed at the craft social via twitter. a fun foray into twitter for me!

anyone else buy antiques for playthings? the tea pot and sugar bowl have lids too. it is divine. i may have to hammer out a second teacup though. there's just one. (that's where those waldorf teacher training classes working with copper will come in handy, right?)

in the afternoon, a sunburst shining through the beginnings of some yard art crochet happening!

and yes, we are encouraging chalk to remain on the chalkboard. but who could object to a little coloring outside of the lines? inspirational, really.

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