Wednesday, February 17, 2010


we had a most enjoyable weekend. we celebrated love, built our first fire in the fireplace, and had a glorious thrifting excursion that brought us a perfect hutch for our dining room - circa 1969.

yesterday colden did not nap, and it was incredibly challenging and difficult. finally we just went outside. and found the light.

sunlit clothesline of thrifted treasures and beloved boy

these particularly brightened my mood

and finally i was looking up

magically, marc came home and took over bedtime while i engaged with some incredible artists at make + meaning's live blogging event on the topic of free. i enjoyed it so much, and felt really empowered and grateful for everyone's perspectives. choosing abundance? yes, please.

interestingly enough, we watched this ted talk on happiness later. guess what the research shows? it's all perspective.

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