Tuesday, February 23, 2010

more clothesline love

it is grey and rainy in portland now. but! i took full advantage of the sun and have been enjoying photographing more of my vintage goodies for sharing on flickr. all the while, my favorite janis joplin song playing in my head; get it while you can.

it's a challenge to photograph a clothesline, isn't it? i thought so too, until i was asked to sit down and saw a different point of view.

thank you wind! and here's a little something to brighten your screen, if you need the reassurance. i know i will!

i was inspired to make this little wallpaper via soulemama and her lovely winter manifesto. you should be able to click on the above photo (or any of my blog photos) for a larger size. i am working on alternate screen sizes too. here are different sizes, courtesy of my guy (thank you, love!): * 1280 x 1024 * 1024 x 768 * 800 X 600 * spring really is coming!

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