Monday, February 8, 2010

happy two!

we celebrated colden's birthday yesterday, and boy do i have a lot of adorable photos. i just have to share them!

we opened this handmade gift from anne as soon as it arrived (the day before). it is absolutely darling! bremen town musician fabric, piping, pockets, adjustable straps. i hope she will tell us how she does it! (check back, and i'll link).

here's a glamor shot of it hanging on colden's hooks. papa made the hooks last week too, but gosh, i'm already cramming so much into one post. i'll have to wait to tell you more about those!

on his birthday morning, colden discovered the blocks papa made right away. the wood is from our christmas tree, which we thought he would appreciate since he was so sad to see it go.

i couldn't help playing with the blocks myself a little too (okay, a lot)!

i intended to get plant-dyed felt from gossamer for a birthday crown, but never got it, so a last-minute recycled sweater crown was made the eve of. colden wasn't into putting it on his head, but he liked it as a necklace. perhaps next year...

discovering the lamb, and making it 'nice and cozy warm'.

magnetic trains from grammy and pop-pop were a big hit! by melissa and doug, they came in a wooden box that he also enjoys putting them away in. nice!

i knitted colden some 'snow white mittens, just like in his storybook, the mitten. pattern = toddler mittens from knitting for baby.

i did this embroidery over the summer, based on another book of colden's. the patchwork fabric around it is mostly from some other summer sewing of matching pants for colden and his cousins (and some little drawstring bags). my first time doing log cabin style patchwork! papa helped me cut the fabric.

colden helped me sew too. we actually finished it up his birthday morning! here he is comparing the original art by gyo fujikawa to his 'guy' (as he calls it). i just love all of the children's books by this author/illustrator. i did take some liberties and made the hair a little curlier.

checking out the finished pillow.

he is carrying it all over the place with him. adorable.

part of the fun of colden's gift from nana and bob-o was also in the making! he helped papa put together his own little red wagon!

and we went for a ride! he's figured out how to take the sides off and put them back on now too.

after our walk, uncle pete, aunt hannah, and cousin ian came over to share birthday cake and banana ice cream (both made by papa = vegan, gluten-free, and awesome)! what a terrific day!

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