Thursday, February 25, 2010

the family creative workshop

definitely not to be confused with the creative family. (coming my way!) these are copyright 1974. after i looked through the set, i was sort of regretting my estate sales purchase, but the laughter is probably worth it. although there are some atrocious (to me) projects in here, there are also some oldie but goodies. i will now give you the worst and best of book one. worst first.

dear me. the caption reads, "...would be a fine gift for a member of the teen-age set." i'm sending it with a shoutout to the sick chick, who i twittered with for the craftsocial. she put out a call for those who could give her a hand. don't worry, i won't be sending anything quite this... ahem. creative? but some hands will be coming!

this is the best. i wish i had my old '89 corsica when i look at this beauty. marc won't agree to painting the subaru. our college had a fine springfest tradition of painting an art car, and i love seeing artful automobiles around portland. runners-up for the best of this book are: apache moccasins & batik.

what do you think? do you prefer the hand to the art car? both? neither? the books: back to the goodwill or worth the investment?

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