Thursday, February 4, 2010

elaborating on plastic

i'm about to open up my big mouth. though i hope some good will come of it. i know it can seem daunting to delve deep into the mysteries of plastic, but i also believe when we know better, we do better. and those actions are far-reaching. i am really excited that there is currently a bill in the oregon legislature that could ban bpa in children's products (bottles, cups, formula cans, and baby food jars). i especially want to thank susan, for advocating for this and testifying!

healing herbs for shampoo, tea, and more...

i read the complete organic pregnancy before colden was born, and i traded up our shampoos, pitched cosmetics, and cleaned out the cupboards. i did not drink from plastic water bottles ever. i only drank filtered water from a brita pitcher, and i carried my red raspberry leaf tea to school every day in a glass ball jar. it turns out that both the brita pitcher and that little red ring on the lid of my ball jar contain bpa. even in my effort to do the very best, i unknowingly continued to consume this chemical that has been linked to reproductive issues, prostate cancer, breast cancer, asthma, diabetes, liver abnormalities, and heart disease.

winter kale still hanging on

bpa is most dangerous to babies, but it's problematic for all of us, and it's in most canned foods (even organics). here's a good list, though if you find one more up to date, please let me know. besides bpa, there are many other reasons to eat local and know where your food comes from.

papa-made blocks for colden . . . waiting for polish

aside from potential toxicity, there are wonderful spiritual reasons to bring playthings from nature, and made with one's own hands. my waldorf training said such toys allow freedom of imagination that fixed plastic toys do not. i believe they embody the very earth from which they come, and are en-souled with love that is palpable. i loved the way elizabeth described the subtle energy of handmade in her interview with heather.

a little lamb i needle-felted for our boy's second birthday this sunday. i am planning on leaving the computer off this weekend as much as i am able, but i'll have more handmades to show from colden's birthday! i hope this post wasn't too heavy, and i've added disqus to my blog to facilitate conversation, so please share your thoughts!

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