Saturday, January 30, 2010

saturday inspiration

i had a dream two nights ago involving high school again (i think facebook is getting to me, yes). we were assigned the task of posting an etsy item for every letter of the alphabet. i was overjoyed. i am gonna nail this one! i even have a head start!

i've been thinking lately, if my work were actually assigned by someone other than me, i'd do it. right? (of course, i might fake an illness or pull an all-nighter). working by hand at home doesn't always allow this, but today someone else was hard at work with some pincushions (thank you, soulemama, for the tip on teaching pins early on).

first he took them out of the cushions. "you have to put them on my fabric."

and back again. with such focus. and such lovely pin pattern-ings. (thanks to jcasa for the impetus to photograph inspired happenings.)

thanks to colden's pinning work, my waldorf-inspired sock dolly is almost complete. i'm eager to share 'how-to' with you.

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