Monday, January 25, 2010

a new face

i've moved again! not houses, thankfully!, but internet addresses. i'll now be over at, or alternatively, i'm participating in another vintage swap - winter 2010, and heather gave everyone a chance to design a new banner for the vintage swap blog... i didn't quite get mine in on time. soooo, marc helped me put my design in action for my own banner for by hand at home. isn't it pretty?!

marc also orchestrated my blog move AND the other address too. all while being sole childcare provider, as i spent the weekend away playing. i learned about this play from our friends at play after play and have wanted to learn more ever since. it was amazing. check out play after play if you live in portland, especially if you have little ones!

aaaand...i've also got another new face to put forward. remember my hedgehog from a previous post? well, i worked with the idea a little more since then. ta-daaaah! he's in my shop:

i also saw that betz white has a pattern available for her woolly version of the hedgehog. also extremely cute! hedgehogs are popping up all over! love!

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