Thursday, November 19, 2009

happy birdie sling! (crafty SHE!)

today is my friend, anne's birthday (yaaay!!!). for my birthday this year, she gave me a spectacular handmade gift. i looooove it!

i took this birdie sling with me on a rare night out to see everyone who looks like you, the latest by hand2mouth theatre (and my beloved, marc). i actually did most of my woolly caterpillar embroidery while waiting for the show to start (and that whole sweater didn't even make a dent in the birdie sling's capacity!). until the lights dimmed (when i switched to knitting - also in the bag).

man, it makes my backside look good too!

we were travelling in iowa when anne bestowed this gift upon me. and i was making up all those mitts, so of course the first thing i did was to stuff the bag full of yarn, hooks, and everything i needed for my projects! i tried to give you an idea here, the bag is gloriously accommodating. i only wish i had a better camera to show you - can you see the fabric for the lining? so pretty!

i am afraid i didn't get a better picture of the pockets, as requested via the interweb, but i do adore them. the magnetic snap on the large pocket is super helpful, and of course a cell phone pocket is a great idea (especially for me, i am always misplacing it!). she even included a little matching tissue holder - you don't know how thrilled i was at this after having attended two weddings unprepared!

and that is something i always admire about anne. she is an organizational inspiration, a brilliant writer, and a most thoughtful friend. i will always remember her college care package to me, at a particularly rough time, including homemade brownies and bubble bath. the best.

as i have been organizing my studio, whenever i start to feel overwhelmed by my mess, i wish anne could help me, and i try to channel some anne thinking and skills. she inspires me with her gorgeous photos and put-together projects, and i love talking craft with anne. speaking of which, i fully intend to post some studio pictures soon (really!). and i'm hoping anne will help me, by posting hers as well! i can promise at least one corner!

happy birthday anne, i love you!

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