Tuesday, October 27, 2009

state of crafty wonderment

i am so excited to show some things i've been up to! first up, here's my newest friend. this little guy came home with us from crafty wonderland, and truthfully, i had my eye on him at a past show. initially i was sad when i didn't see him there at chet and dot, and then when it turned out that he was there, i was so tickled. i could not leave him again! isn't he a cutie? i just love all of her things! he is at home on our autumn mantle among these chestnuts and beach rocks or being pushed around on a cart by colden.

i hope the next photo will be readable upon clicking. i didn't make it around crafty wonderland as thoroughly as last time, but below is a snippet of cards i collected at various shops. (on the wall of my up-and-coming studio!) i also purchased some marble magnets from ta dah. they were very helpful in distracting colden until one was dropped (underneath the stage we think). we still have two actually, one is without its magnet and the other on our front (metal) door. love it! for entertainment luckily there was a woman who had a display drawer full of beans later on. i didn't get her card. oops! lanz bought something at zoom baby gear, where i intend to go this week for some wool cloth diaper covers. it is ridiculously close to my house, and i can get help with sewing my own covers or putting snaps in too! hooray! lanz also bought a card somewhere, but i'm afraid i can't remember the name. i thought it was funny though, because she ended up buying something she makes (cards), while i bought something made out of a sweater. lovely! oh i think lanz also got something at moontea artwork. the fabric there is all screen or block printed by hand. so pretty.

here is a nifty little thing i came up with for my sewing basket. i had tied them with yarn before so they would be inaccessible to toddler fingers, but then it turns out they were pretty inaccessible to me. so i thought a little felt (recycled sweater here) velcro handle cover would be perfect. i showed it to colden and he insisted that i remove it ('take it off!'). i have plans for more of these for laundry baskets. although, i have to say, we just got a new three-section laundry hamper so hopefully that will help distinguish which laundry is dirty (*fingers crossed*). my thought was to make a similar velcro 'handle cover' for the laundry baskets that say 'CLEAN' and 'DIRTY'. i even have an idea to make it reversible. we'll see.

i have more embroidery i want to share, but it is one of those gift things. it is coming. still! more exciting news! i have a new clothesline! i hope to display my vintage fabric-y goodies in the glorious portland sunshine (yeah, it's been raining here). ahem. (*more fingers crossed*) thanks to marc for the perfect clothesline - it can be reached from the back door. ahhhh! he also made a stunning raised bed and cold frame. would you like to see? oh! must get planting!

some exciting crafty and organizational advances to share as well. i am in a state of crafty wonderment at all to do with by hand at home. i am trying to do my homework online, via library books, and also keep up with the housework. straightening up my sewing space and my home is going to be key, i realized when going out the door the other day, colden said, "where's my phone?" in preparation to leave. i am a bit of a scatter, so i appreciate you bearing with me. thanks for reading, friends!

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