Thursday, September 24, 2009

whoo who!

here he is! i was able to consult with marc this morning over buttons v. felt, and we ended up liking the buttons that looked like felt anyway. felt it is! i also needed the help to have some time with the owl to get his face on, because colden is already very attached. i've been reading some other crafty mamas' blogs, and it seems universally true - if you've made it, the little ones love it even more from seeing its making. so, i still have to stuff him, and i would like to get my ravelry account more active and share him there as well. but essentially, he has been an owl since his first felting. don't tell cole i took him outside (the owl stays inside) for this photo. i just don't want him in the sandbox!

another project still 'on the needle', so to speak, before we leave for the midwest tomorrow. i might try to set up a post for that one to reveal itself at the right time. or i will just concentrate on finishing it and not get any blogging in for the next week! either way, i won't have as much computer access over the next few. til then!

(p.s. i forgot to include the pattern link, just in case you didn't read my other massive sock summit post: woolly something - owls)

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