Sunday, September 20, 2009

west coast rosie cozy crafty pod

one of my primary motivations in going to this lecture was to give susan some buttons that i knew she would appreciate a thousand times more than i. it was lovely to hear the experience of these women, and they were all extremely, incredibly gracious. i felt surprisingly shy when i approached them after the talk with more button gifts - attached to a homemade card. especially because my only pink vintage buttons for alicia were an incomplete card, and diane promised to visit my blog. so kind. she is absolutely a god(dess)-send in crafty portland.

marc was working, so i had colden with me, and it was kind of challenging to be aware of how much noise was too much. i asked the woman facilitating to let me know if we were getting too disruptive, but she was so nice as well! i think she let us slide quite a few times. we were lucky enough to get a little play in with another babe - and we shared a little handmade love too.

here's a snapshot of the event from someone who was paying a bit more attention: wendy at build/make/craft/bake (and i only found this post courtesy of diane - again, such a blessing!).

i also made it out to the skating with scissors event that wendy mentions and talked with a lot of lovely crafters. many of whom i met at crafty wonderland earlier this month. i'd like to feature some of their work on here too... maybe a sidebar to come? hmmm.

p.s. sadly, i didn't make it into oct.'s crafty wonderland show, but i'm hopeful for the future.

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