Wednesday, September 2, 2009

undone + done!

i did have this ready to post last wednesday, but things have been a little nutso around here. forgive the tardiness, please.

another project i can gleefully share from the mass of undone:

is now done:

yay! i accentuated the fact that this little cross-stitch of mine looks like a teddy bear. see? (bonus background - our yellow walls, and a dahlia from the front yard!) i didn't intend to make the bear, nor did i know i could achieve such a likeness! i was doodling a curli-que fountain as i did in paper margins in days of yore. this piece began in my waldorf teacher training, and was never finished because i was convinced i didn't have enough fabric to complete the fourth side (and make the fabric grain match) and the back. i will leave many a thing undone because their perfect end is not within my means (or so i think). anyway, i decided i could always put a denim back on, and then voila! there was just enough. it's kind of karmic to finish this one. i remember the teacher saying she never liked to let children leave work undone with her. so, phew! paid my dues, pin-cushion!

and colden helped:

("more wool, more wool!") he is extraordinary at stuffing.

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