Friday, September 18, 2009

play kitchen

i was inspired to do this one late evening after the boy was in bed, and marc was off doing something else. i actually remember seeing a woman selling similar (even cuter) play kitchens and fridges at the alberta last thursday event a long, long while ago. hers had little handles and faucets affixed. mine requires a little more imagination.

i even stitched up a little hand towel (it's hanging on the 'sink' area), and some impromptu pot holders (sitting on the 'stove'). i've since added some blue tissue paper to the sink, to give that watery feel, and i'm going to draw a little burner on that stovetop. i just need a few little pots and pans that will fit in there too!

dig the beer boxes? i have more from our move that i might experiment with (they are even labeled 'kitchen' with sharpie on the side). originally i was going to tape it all together, but i couldn't find the tape. lucky for me, because i sewed it instead and it's much nicer. i think it will hold up better too. the shelves do need reinforcement though, anything heavier and they would fall. i started a refrigerator box to go with, but so far it's, well, a box. yay recycling -> practical artful toys!

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