Tuesday, January 29, 2008

yesterday and beyond

so i'm still here, still up to stuff - just haven't gotten around to posting. partly because most of what i've done has been rather unexciting. for instance, more wipes:

finished those last thursday i think. we should now have around 50 cloth wipes! hope they hold up!

i got some yarn on friday to start making 'fingerless gloves' - potentially to try to sell online... only, the hook i had was too small (so it took longer and hurt my hands to make them!). PLUS, in my excitement i managed to make one bigger than the other. not stitch-wise, just tension. *sigh* here they are anyhow - they were made to fit marc (well, one tighter than the other), so they may end up his anyway.

finished those grey longies with my new buttonhole foot (which i am still getting the hang of - it has no 'measuring device' like the newer ones i've seen, so i just have to watch carefully - plus the wool is super thick so i end up having to feed it through by hand a little, which can be tricky...

so i forged on and did another pair - but they don't look at all proportional. i was thinking of cutting the cuffs off and sewing them on higher, so they're more like shorts, but marc suggested i wait and see how they actually fit. good idea!

these actually came out the best of all, surprisingly! i wasn't going to make them initially because there were two holes in ones of the sleeves i had to patch which i thought would be a pain - but they ended up looking super cute! (and proportional!) hooray! success at last!!!

excited by my ability on the last pair, i tried one more! which also didn't turn out too well.... and i don't even think they would ever be big enough! i'm leaving them as is & we shall see

marc got inspired by all my sweater pants and made a sweater diaper cover too! i had to share! (his also needed a little patch!)

and lastly, here's a little duckling i knitted from a library book 'knitted animals' - i may have to get my own copy, it's adorable.

i have 2 more potential sweater pants to make that perhaps i will attempt today... or i will kick back on the couch and knit!!! wish me luck!

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