Thursday, January 31, 2008

smelly sewing

my sewing machine stinks - i think i may have overworked it. i noticed the plastic-y, oily aroma when i stitched up this blanket:

i had already prepped the border material last week, but was thinking of getting nicer, more exciting fabric for the insert. today i realized that flannel wouldn't be on sale again before the baby comes, so i had better just make blankets with the material we've got!

so, i figured out a clever new way to cut the insert, by folding the fabric and measuring half the total i needed, making it easier to do on the dining room table (which is just under a yard across)! worked fine for the above, but i got dumb on the next one and mis-cut. so i had to make additional cuts to pretend it was an 'on-purpose' design thing and then patch the pieces together. hope it doesn't make your head spin!

speaking of head spinning, i'm getting away from the sewing machine. the smell only got worse with the second blanket and after i went downstairs and came back up it was even more noticeable. yuck!

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