Thursday, January 17, 2008

baby crafting

ta-da! just wanted to share some of the things i've made so far. a few of these things i made months ago, more bit by bit, and a great many have come together just recently. i'm excited to show them all off, and excited to do more!

we got white knit from the bins and serged up ~ 2 dozen of these wipes. i've cut ~ 2 dozen more that need to be serged - if i could only thread the serger! i made the hat from the shirt sleeves of our sources & have more sleeves too!

here are some double-sided blankets and a few burp cloths i've made, inspired by another crafter at etsy. the red blanket is pretty big, but the others are quite small (i didn't get enough fabric the first go round). however, i do have a big stack of flannel waiting to become more big blankets.

i'd been planning on carving and printing ala linoleum - only with styrofoam - but hadn't gotten around to it when i got this inspiration from martha stewart - potato prints! i may do more of these, if i can come up with ideas. the animals are my favorites.

these booties are all the same pattern that assures me they will 'stay put', and i thought they had a chance with the drawstring. plus they were easy!

these green booties are another pattern that also insists it will stay on wiggly feet, but i made one bootie in sept., and the other in dec., and they are completely different from one another. heh. the blue ones are yet another pattern, and i made up matching mitts and a hat! there's another hat there too that probably won't fit til next year!

these are some "longies" i've made from recycled wool sweaters! the green ones have a little orange moon patch because there was a hole in the sweater & they have an elastic waistband. the blue ones have a drawstring (made by my handy new embellish-knit machine!), and i am just waiting on a buttonhole foot for my sewing machine to finish the grey ones...

whew! i had better get back to work!

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